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The ApeCoin Special Council Will Be Discussing The DAO's Election Season Tonight At 10 PM EST

The ApeCoin DAO's Special Council is hosting an Election Season Twitter Space tonight, where they will go over everything about the $Ape elections and the future of the DAO.

Special Council members Yat Siu, VeraTheApe, Gerry, and BoredApeG are going live this evening at 10 P.M. EST to discuss the DAO’s second election season and the future of ApeCoin.

“It's an invitation to actively participate in this defining moment of our DAO,” Special Council member Gerry previously told the Gazette. “Your voice matters, your involvement counts.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO's second election season kicked off earlier this month, and the $Ape community will be voting this summer to fill two Discourse Facilitator team spots, two Special Council roles, and two Working Group Steward positions.

The DAO is set to vote on which $Ape holders will be on the Discourse moderation team, beginning this Thursday, and the polls for this election will close on May 24th.

Furthermore, ApeCoin DAO contributors with at least one $Ape in their wallets still have time to nominate themselves for the Special Council and Working Group Steward elections.

To run in either of these races, ApeCoin DAO contributors must nominate themselves by filling out the ApeCoin DAO's nomination applications before 9 P.M. EST on May 20th.

ApeCoin holders who are interested in running for office can find the applications below:

Working Group Steward Election

Prospective nominees will need to submit their full name, date of birth, address, country of residence, Discourse username, their Twitter profile, email address, phone number, educational background information, and professional background experience to the DAO.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tonight’s Twitter Space and will be live tweeting the highlights from the event. Stay tuned for updates!

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