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The BAYC Announced Its Second March Drop. Find Out The Details Here:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club announced its second official merchandise drop today that will include an updated version of the BAYC hats, a BAYC hoodie and a new club T shirt.

Unlike the first drop where the supply of merch was limited, the majority of the items for sale this release will be available for a limited time.

This means that anyone who wants a shirt or hoodie will be able to purchase it between Friday August 6 at 1 p.m. EST and Sunday August 8 at midnight.

The only item that has a limited supply in this drop are hats, according to the BAYC.

If you are interested in the hats, The Bored Ape Gazette recommends getting one right as the merchandise is released.

The last time the BAYC had a merchandise release that had a limited supply, the items sold out in 6 minutes.

BAYC members seem to universally prefer the limited time availability of most the items to the limited quantity of the first drop.

“I think BAYC is in a position where there doesn’t need to be limited quantities and just have an open merch store for holders available,” BAYC member BoredOhms tweeted. “I don’t wanna miss out this time bc some may be greedy and get more than they need just to flip. I actually wanna rock my BAYC merch.”

In order to take part in this merchandise drop, apes will have to connect a Metamask wallet that has their ape in it to the BAYC website, according to the BAYC.

After the announcement, apes quickly took to Twitter to tell the community how excited they are for the drop.

“Gimme all the hoodies,” BAYC member Johnathan Long tweeted.

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