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The Bored Ape Singapore Club Is Hosting The ApeFest Of Singapore On The Country's Largest Yacht Soon

Anchors Up! The Bored Ape Singapore Club is getting ready to set sail on the largest yacht in the country later this month and everyone in Bored Ape Yacht Club is invited to check out the “ApeFest of Singapore!”

The BASC, a community of 200+ Singaporean BAYC members, is hosting its biggest and bored-est event of the year and every Ape is welcome to a-bored!

“Ahoy Bored Ape Singapore Club Fam,” the group tweeted last week. “ Get ready to sail into the realm of the apes as we bring you the most anticipated event of the year - APEHOUSE: ALL ABORED, happening on the 13th Sept 2023! Date: 13th Sept 2023 Location: One 15 Marina x Star of the Seas Superyacht.”

The BASC has dubbed this event the “ ApeFest of Singapore” and encourages everyone to check it out!

“Apehouse, first conceptualized by Bored Ape Singapore Club council member @jayefunk now presents it’s 6th edition, with Yuga Labs as title sponsor,” the BASC told the Gazette. “It’s amazing to have seen this event grow over the past year and is now recognized with over 30 sponsors coming on board. We booked the biggest yacht in Singapore and we are ready to throw the best party during token2049.”

As the BASC hangs out with their fellow Apes on a super yacht, BAYC themed burger brand, Bored N’ Hungry, recently announced that they’ll be serving up burgers and fries as the group explores the seven seas!

“We are proudly announcing, we are an official partner of Ape House Yacht party brought to you by @baycsg @jayefunk @8sianmom,” Bored N Hungry tweeted. “We will supply burgers fries and most importantly our love and mateship. LFG.”

Apes who are interested in attending the BASC’s event on September 13th can reach out to BASC on Twitter @baycsg

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