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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Competed Its Toad Mode Score Review. Here's What You Need To Know:

Two weeks after the sewers underneath the swamp closed for the second time, the Bored Ape Yacht Club took to Twitter and announced that the scores from the DooKey Dash: Toad Mode have been finalized.

“Heads up, the final score review for DooKey Dash: Toad Mode is now complete,” the BAYC tweeted this evening. “The metadata update will be published within the next 24 hours. We’ll post a notice from this account once the update is fully pushed. Once complete, Sewer Pass holders can refresh their metadata to see their results. All Sewer Passes that are eligible for the Summoning will display a “Yes” for the “Ranked” trait or a “No” if they are not eligible. If a pass earned a companion in Toad Mode the “Companion” trait will display a “Yes” if so or a "No" if they did not earn a companion.”

Following the BAYC’s post, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker took to Twitter and congratulated the winners and teased more games in the future!

“What a great experience and congratulations to all the winners, can’t wait to continue the journey with you all, such great & innovative things still to come LFG," Tucker wrote.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC held two skill-based mints in the sewers underneath the swamp earlier this year. The first game was for users to obtain a power source and the second game was for users to earn a companion trait.

At this time, not a lot is confirmed about the power sources, but Yuga Labs has explained that each summoned power source is unique. “Every summoning will result in a unique power source that will consist of traits of varying rarity,” the company wrote. “Your power source won't look exactly the same as any others.”

Dashers are expecting to get more information on the power sources and the companion traits during the summoning event on March 15th.

At this time, nothing about the Summoning event is explicitly confirmed, but many in the community believe that Sewer Pass holders will be summoning the Mecha apes that Gary the Dog Prophet drew after he licked a toad on January 19th, based on tweets from the club’s Co-Founders.

“Get in nerds we’re going to summon something,” Garga tweeted at the time as he retweeted Gary’s drawing.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DooKey Dash and will let you know when the Sewer Pass metadata is updated. Stay tuned!

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