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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Now Has Over 3,400 Members

After an anything but boring weekend for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it’s membership now exceeds 3,400 unique members, according to Opensea.

This membership milestone was met after the BAYC held its first merchandise drop, announced a “ surprise” for members and the teasing of the mutant ape arcade machine getting fixed.

In the past 24 hours, the BAYC has had $1,394,361 in sales with 398 buyers. These impressive sale numbers made the BAYC the #1 NFT Collectible by sales volume according to Crypto Slam.

At the time of this publication, the floor price for a Bored Ape was .68 ETH.

Tune into the Bored Ape Gazette for updates on sales information.

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