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The Bored Club Canada Turned Two Today. Find Out More About The Group And See What's Coming Up

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has really taken off in the Great White North as the Bored Club Canada celebrates its second anniversary!

Two years ago today, just weeks after the BAYC minted out, BAYC member NFTPrince founded the Bored Club Canada so he could talk NFTs with like-minded Degens.

“I was new to the web3/NFT space and I couldn’t talk to my friends about any of it because they didn’t understand, so initially I was looking for other Apes in Toronto to connect and network with,” Prince told the Gazette. “Within the first week we had over 20 members and we decided to just expand to the rest of Canada and today we have a community of 200+ members and counting.”

Since that time, the Bored Club Canada went to Ape Fest together, held a meet up at Eth Toronto, threw a big party to celebrate the community’s second year, among other events and get togethers!

Along with the parties and meetups, Bored Club Canada has also banded together to create a 300,000 $Ape voting block at the ApeCoin DAO to make sure its members are well represented in the Yugaverse!

Going forward, NFTPrince, and the group’s Co-Founder FudMaster NFT, have monthly meetups planned for the community in addition to a “mini–Ape Fest” later this year.

“We will be hosting our very own mini–Ape Fest, a 3 day event for the apes during ETH Toronto in August,” NFTPrince said. “Events are currently being planned out but there will definitely be Yachts involved!”

As the Canadian group celebrated its second anniversary today, Yuga Labs’ new CEO, Daniel Alegre, wished the community the best and highlighted his connection to the Land of Maple Leaf.

“As someone who spent my formative years in the Great White North, I send my thanks and congratulations to the BCC, which is one letter switch away from CBC,” he tweeted.

Canadian Apes who are interested in getting involved with Bored Club Canada can connect with the community on Twitter @BoredClubCanada.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Bored Club Canada and will let you know more about their mini-Ape Fest as more details are announced.

Happy Anniversary guys!

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