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The DooKey Dash Ends In Two Days. Here's What You Need To Know About Your Score& The Summoning

As Sewer Pass holders dash into the final days of the DooKey Dash, the Bored Ape Yacht Club highlighted some important information about scoring and delegation last night.

The sewers below the BAYC are set to close in less than two days. In preparation for the sewers closure, the BAYC took to Twitter last night and reiterated important information for the upcoming Summoning event on February 15th.

“Reminder - Sewer Passes will need to be tied to a frozen nonzero score after the Feb 8th deadline to participate in the summoning,” the BAYC tweeted. “Passes tied to a score of 0 after Feb 8th will become invalidated and cannot be used to summon. Scores for each Sewer Pass are tied to the last wallet and Sewer Pass token ID combo to connect and play. What does this mean? If you played the game and haven't moved your Pass to a new wallet since, you'll have a score above zero and will be able to participate in the Summoning.”

Following the BAYC’s post, Yuga Labs Community Manager NGBxShpend took to Twitter and clarified that the wallet that holds the Sewer Pass will be the wallet that participates in the summoning later this month.

“The summoning is a burn, so only the wallet that holds the pass itself after scores lock will be able to burn since warm wallets cannot transfer assets out the cold,” he tweeted in response to BAYC member Josh Ong.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Doo-Key Dash is a skill-based mint. This means that Sewer Pass holders scores are directly related to what they get during the summoning event.

“the longer you survive and the more fragments you pick up, the higher your score — and greater your reward,” the BAYC wrote on its MDvMM website.

While nothing about the summoning event is confirmed, many in the community believe that Sewer Pass holders will be summoning the mecha apes that Gary the Dog Prophet drew after he licked a toad on January 19th, based on several tweets from the club’s Co-Founders.

The Bored Ape Gazette will cotniune to follow the DooKey Dash and will keep you posted on the Summoning. Stay tuned for updates!

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