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The First Trip To The Otherside Is Just The Beginning of An 11 Part Storyline, Per Litepaper

After a successful first Trip to the Otherside, Yuga Labs released a nine-part litepaper that explained the First Trips place in the larger Otherside storline.

“This document is the litepaper for the world-building metaverse platform known as Otherside,” Yuga Labs’ Litepaper states. “It is designed to communicate and explain principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation.”

The Otherside metaverse is currently in the first of its three phases. This first phase is known as the Voyagers Journey, according to the litepaper.

"We are inviting Otherdeed NFT holders along to participate in the Voyager’s Journey, a narrative gameplay experience that will introduce and educate players on the fundamentals of how to participate in Otherside," the litepaper states. "Each major Stage of the Voyager’s Journey is marked on the Obelisk page and will be explained in more detail here. All Voyagers that complete each Stage of this experience in accordance with the rules will be eligible to receive additional incentives related to Otherside in the future. The section below will be continually updated with the official rules and stipulations to qualify completion and will be announced prior to the beginning of each Stage of the Voyager’s Journey."

Phase 1 is an 11-part storyline surrounding a mysterious Obelisk that has appeared in the Otherside universe, according to the document.

During Phase 1, Voyagers will “develop your own experiences on your slice of the Otherside, and discover and shape what can be harvested, crafted, traded, bought, and sold. Voyagers will play a large role in shaping the core capabilities of the platform through exclusive events, playtesting opportunities, and as co-developers of our Otherside Development Kits (ODKs),” the document states.

The First Trip, that over 4500 voyagers took part in on Saturday July 16th, was the first part of the 11-part Phase 1 Voyagers Journey, according to the document.

“The first stage of the Voyager’s Journey will be a series of tech demos, allowing Voyagers to journey into Otherside and participate in an evolving story,” the litepaper states. “Voyagers will also get several chances with playtest sessions to help our developers push the limits of the platform technology.”

While the First Trip on Saturday was the first voyage into the Otherisde, users who wish to complete the First Trip stage of the Voyagers Journey can do so by participating in, or watching one, of the upcoming trips to the metaverse, according to the paper.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to breakdown the litepaper and keep you up to date on when the next trip to the Otherside is.

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