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The First Trip To The Otherside Is Tomorrow At 12 P.M. EST. Here's How You Can Participate:

After two load tests and a lot of speculation, Otherdeed holders are set to break on through to the Otherside tomorrow afternoon!

“Voyagers, we’re excited for the First Trip tech demo this Saturday, 7/16 at noon ET,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its official Otherside Twitter account OthersideMeta on July 12th. “As the name implies, this demo is designed to show off the technical capabilities of the Otherside platform. Thousands of users simultaneously interacting in the same space - all through a Chrome web browser. An immersive play area created just for this demo, for users to explore. Realistic, real-time voice chat and spatial audio built to handle large crowds. The first look at our 3D, hi-res Voyager prototypes that can walk, run, jump, and emote. A private, tokengated livestream available to Voyagers worldwide.”

Yuga Labs announcement earlier this week lines up well with what the company has previously told the community about the highly anticipated metaverse.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs has described the First Trip as “The first tech demo of the Otherside, for Voyagers only. A celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan,” according to the Otherside's website.

Further, Yuga Labs also previously shared a sneak peek of the first tech demo earlier this summer.

“And here’s a sneak peak of the First Trip, the tech demo from @Improbableio,” OthersideMeta tweeted on May 11th along with a 36 second clip. “Can’t wait to share the experience with you."

In order to participate in this weekend’s First Trip, participants will need to be located in the US or Europe and have a laptop or desktop computer that has a wallet with at least one Otherdeed in it, according to OthersideMeta.

For those who are located outside the US and Europe, Yuga Labs is setting up a First Trip livestream and will make sure that users outside the US and Europe are eligible for any benefits associated with the first trip.

“A private livestream of the tech demo will be available for those in non-supported regions, to ensure all Voyagers can experience the First Trip,” they tweeted. “Attendees verified through the livestream will be eligible for any benefits tied to the First Trip. For future milestones of the Voyager’s Journey, M² is expanding regional streaming options and apps so Voyagers in other countries and platforms are supported equally.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be on the First Trip tomorrow afternoon and will bring you live coverage from the event. Stay tuned!

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