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The Forge Starts Tomorrow. Here's What You Need To Know About "Getting Started"

Its Forge season one eve around the swamp and HV-MTL holders are eager to start building and flexing their Forges sometime tomorrow!

Wednesday was anything but boring around the Bored Ape Yacht Club as Yuga Labs released a lengthy HV-MTL Forge gaming guide that gave players an idea of what to expect when the game launches tomorrow.

At the time of this we do not know when the Forge will launch tomorrow, but we do know what Hv-MTL holders can expect once Yuga Labs’ highly anticipated game goes live.

In the company’s Forge gaming guide, Yuga Labs released an entire section titled “Getting Started.”

In this section, Yuga Labs explained that players will begin the Forge at their Crafting Station. Here players’ HVs will be able to look at their bluepirnts AKA what your HV can build so far, and pick and choose the tiles and items they’d like to place in their Forge.

“There are a number of different Tiles and Decorative Objects you can build using your discovered Blueprints,” Yuga Labs wrote.

Along with introducing Hv-MTL Holders to the crafting station, Yuga Labs also explained how building out a Forge requires “Energy.”

“Energy is the main resource of the game,” Yuga Labs wrote. “It’s used to build Tiles and Decorative Objects.” Every class of HV will start with a special bonus pack that gives an extra edge early on.”

Yuga Labs finished the getting started section by explaining Portals to players and how they will use them to visit other Forges and invite other HVs to their homes.

“Connect Portals to your Forge with Tiles,” Yuga Labs wrote. “To activate Portals, upgrade them. Upgrading will contribute to optimizing your Energy production. Portals are temperamental machines. They only work once before they break down! Repair them regularly so that your HV can use them. Once activated, Portals store Energy that your HV will collect even when you’re not playing (as long as the Portal isn’t broken).When your HV goes on an interdimensional journey through a Portal, it comes back with an improved Mood, and collects the Energy stored in the Portal.”

While all of this is a lot, BAYC Co-Founder Garga previously said that it will all make sense once players are in the Forge building their HV-Homes.

Stoked to crack open Forge next week," BAYC Co-Founder Garga tweeted last week. "Bunch more content coming between now and then to prep you for the experience, but like Dookey Dash, it will just make sense once you’ve played for a bit."

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the Forge and will keep you posted on everything HV-MTL. Stay tuned for updates!

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