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"THE FUTURE": Here's what We Know So Far About Gary's Robotic Sketch And MDvsMMI

As Doo-Key Dashers ape into the Sewers under the Bored Ape Yacht Club for the club’s interactive mint, the great Dog Prophet himself teased the community with a sketch called,” The Future.”

On Thursday, the BAYC shared a detailed sketch that Gary the Dog Prophet made in the swamp after he licked a toad.

“Gary the Dog Prophet licked a toad, stumbled into the swamp, and returned with this sketch he'd made,” the BAYC tweeted. “No idea what it means. He says it's ‘The Future.’”

In Gary’s sketch, we see the phrase “MD vs. MMI” on the top.

This phrase has popped up around the swamp a couple of times over the last two years. Recently, the BAYC has been directing Apes to its website that shares a similar title, for updates on the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey.

Before that, MDvsMMI was teased on the BAYC’s Roadmap 2.0 in September 2021.

Further, Roadmap 2.0 announced that the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey was the prologue to MD vs MMI.

“The skill-based mint is just the start of the journey,” BAYC Co-Founder Gordon Goner tweeted in response to Gary’s sketch. “#mdvmm.”

Along with the phrase MDVMMI on the top, Gary also sketched three different evolutions of futuristic robots.

While we do not know much about these robots it’s important to note that Gary wrote EVO1, EVO2, and EVO 3 underneath his sketches.

This EVO terminology is the same wording that the BAYC used on its MDvMM.XYZ website in a graphic about “The Summoning” ceremony that's happening on February 15th.

The EVO terminology in Gary’s sketch being linked to the Summoning was further backed up by BAYC Co-Founder Garga in his quote tweet of Gary’s sketch earlier today.

“Get in nerds we’re going to summon something,” he wrote.

While we do not know much about MDvsMMI or the story behind these robots, we do know that it will all culminate in a Final Battle, according to Roadmap 2.0

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey and will bring you more information on MDVMMI as it becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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