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The Gucci Grail Community Is Gucci After The Fashion House Announced Its New Partnership W/Yuga Labs

The Gucci Grails community is feeling good after Yuga Labs and Gucci announced a multi-year partnership on Monday.

“Continuing to explore the Metaverse, the House comes together with @yugalabs," Gucci tweeted yesterday. “Stay tuned as a new narrative takes shape, blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital.”

After the announcement, members of the Gucci Grail community, a collection of 4,253 notable NFTs dressed in Gucci gear, celebrated the news.

“I think that the Gucci Multi-year partnership is the news a lot of us were banking on,” Unofficial 10KTF Gucci Grail community leader GrimyFrankie told the Gazette. “I think there was a period of silence and uncertainty for the Gucci collection and I now largely attribute that to Gucci and Yuga navigating both the departure of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and Yuga acquiring 10ktf. Most of yuga execs and Gucci execs sharing the news are saying they are "official AGAIN" meaning that there was a period here where they probably were unsure of the future of the project and probably a lot of the reason for the silence.”

After hearing this news, GrimyFrankie said that he and many others in the Gucci Grail community think that something is brewing.

“We've been preparing and speculating on news like this coming for a month+ and a lot of us had been accumulating over time. With Gucci's Robert Triefus talking about how deeply Gucci is going to be involved in both the Otherside and 10ktf lore I think that Gucci Grail community is probably in a prime position and will expand significantly. I also think this is only the beginning as far as volume goes with upcoming activations and Otherside news not even really revealed yet and they haven't even launched season 2. So, this is wild situation where barely anything is known and there were a lot of ppl waiting for a nibble.”

GrimyFrankie and the rest of the Gucci Grail community won’t have to wait very long for more information about Gucci and Yuga Labs’ partnership. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Gucci’s participation in the Otherside is set to begin later this week, per Business of Fashion Reporter Marc Bain’s initial article on the Gucci X Yuga Labs deal.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Gucci and Yuga Labs’ partnership and will bring you more reports on the Gucci Grail community. Stay tuned for updates!

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