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The Legends Of The Mara Will Continue In The Faraway Gaming Studios Ecosystem After Season 3 Of The Game Ends Tomorrow!

Voyagers' current battles against the Shattered are coming to an end tomorrow as season three of Yuga Labs’ Legends of the Mara game concludes, and a new adventure for Voyagers and their Maras as part of the Faraway Gaming Studio’s ecosystem begins!

Legends of the Mara Season 3 is coming to an end on Tuesday, May 7th, at 12 P.M. EST, but it will not be the last time that Voyagers fight the Shattered and farm resources alongside their mystical frens!

Once season three of LOTM concludes, Faraway Gaming Studio, which purchased the LOTM IP from Yuga Labs in April, will be hosting a 'season 3.5' of the current LOTM game.

This will act as a way for Voyagers who have not played much to level up while Faraway develops two new games for their new characters: a web-based game dubbed 'LOTM Rebirth' and a mobile game titled 'LOTM Rise.'



“LOTM: REBIRTH (PT 1) This is the current Shattered game with more robust RPG features,” Faraway tweeted. “We will launch a Season 3.5 continuation season followed by a Season 4 where the Shattered boss fights back (and some more surprises. In LOTM: Rebirth, you will win Points and Myst, and will be able to farm Sediment (at a lower farming rate and lower supply cap). Depending on the Kodamara supply at the end of Season 3, Catalysts may be added to rewards. LOTM: RISE (PT 1) This is the mobile strategy game. We are early in dev but will share progress when we are ready for public feedback. Ships will be featured in LOTM: Rise, but given our focus on interoperability, that is not the only place they will have utility.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Faraway as they continue the Legends of the Mara. Stay tuned for updates!

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