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'THE MONKE STAYS ON' : The ApeFather's Words Of Wisdom Kicked Off A New Copy Pasta Trend!

The 'ApeFather' shared some words of wisdom on the timeline yesterday morning, poking fun at himself and his fellow primates, kicking off a new copypasta trend about why 'the monke stays on.'

On Thursday, longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member Chasten Hamilton, also known as the ApeFather, dropped a banger of a tweet explaining why his profile picture is an ape, despite all the fair and unfair criticism the club and community have received over the last couple of years.

“It’s simply impossible to waver my support of this monke pfp rn,” Hamilton tweeted. “I understand the level of cringe, near zero, bottomed out, didn’t sell the top, lives in a basement, round trip energy this thing exudes. For that reason, the monke stays on. Any other reason is a lie.”

“Ngl I think this post turns it around, not even joking," BAYC member FFV tweeted following Hamilton’s post.

FFV wasn’t the only one who liked the vibes that Hamilton’s tweet exuded. Many Apes around the swmap  took to the timeline and shared the same message on why ‘the monke stays on.’



“What inspired me is the hate apes receive on the timeline,” Hamilton told the Gazette after his tweet made its way around the swamp. “It’s reminiscent of the early days. Ignorant to price. Ignorant to the community opinions. Talking shit to CryptoPunks whose floor price eclipsed us at the time. We were just monkes. Nothing else matters. The only way forward is through the acceptance of our success but more importantly our failures. Self-deprecation is a thing of beauty.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to keep its monke on and cover the club through thick and thin. Stay tuned for updates!

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