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The Mutant Hounds Project Revealed A New Pup Today And Gave The Community A Look At The Hideout

The Mutant Hounds were howling loud on Saturday as the project revealed another insane pup and gave the community a new look at its highly anticipated hideout.

On Saturday, the Mutant Hounds released a five-minute-long video featuring Bored Ape Yacht Club members AllCity and Bekin as they searched the Otherside for the next Mega Mutant Hound.

“Two apes wander through a strange but familiar world,” the Mutant Hounds project tweeted. “The Mega Hounds they seek, await them.”

The video began with the two Bored Apes wandering about the Otherside, and then journeying down into the Mutant Cartel’s five layered Hideout.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Mutant Cartel’s Hideout was first teased in September 2022 and the project gave the community a map of the mysterious location in February 2023.

“Davey’s map suggests the Hideout and its deeper levels hold far more secrets than we could have ever thought,” The Mutant Hounds project tweeted on February 5th. “There's so much unexplored in these tunnels and part of a much larger piece it would appear.”

In today’s video, AllCity and Bekin journeyed through the deeper levels of the clubhouse until they came upon a Mega Mutant Hound that lived below.

“Meet SAM,” AllCity tweeted after the video, “New Mega @MutantHounds on the block. LFG.”

Today’s Mega Mutant Hound reveal video was created by BAYC member and notable animator, RidazLP.

“We built a fully functional and playable world with @benmayorwhite consisting of 6 subterranean floors based on the insane brain of @jon_mctavish and team for @MutantHounds on an @OthersideMeta deed (actually underneath deed), Rida tweeted.”Thank you @lior_eth and Mutant Cartel.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on continued coverage of the hideout. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to watch the full Mega Mutant Hound reveal video below:

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Latif Dena
Latif Dena
13 mars 2023

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