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The Next Chapter Of The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey Will Be Revealed Tomorrow. Here's What We Know

January 11th will be anything but boring around the swamp as the Bored Ape Yacht Club is set to release new information about the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey and club’s upcoming mint.

On Wednesday, the BAYC will reveal the third section of its MD V. MM website dubbed “PREPARE FOR THE MINT.”

“Study the guide and plan your strategy,” the website states.

While we do not know about the guide or strategies for this mint yet, we do know that there will be different tiers and that $Ape will be incorporated in some way.

“Things come to a head in late January with a free, playable, interactive mint experience for BAYC and MAYC holders,” the BAYC tweeted on December 20th, 2022. “You’ll be asked to test your skills (and your knowledge). Keep these mints close, don’t let them fall into the wrong hands. The trial is the prologue to a series of activations coming over the course of next year. Pro-tip: When it comes to the mint, Apes (BAYC or MAYC) who also hold a BAKC will be in tiers of their own. There will also be an optional $APE spend mechanic, for those looking to enhance their minting experience.”

Take a look at the mint tier chart below:

In total, there are four mint tiers. Tier one is a Mutant Ape. Tier 2 is a Mutant Ape and a BAKC Dog. Tier 3 is a Bored Ape. Tier 4 is a Bored Ape and a BAKC Dog, according to the club’s post.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey and will bring you a full breakdown of tomorrow’s reveal. Stay tuned for updates!

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