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The "Persistent World" Of The Otherside Is Coming In 2023, Per Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Co-Founder Garga shared his thoughts on the metaverse and answered the question of when the Otherside will launch during a recent interview with Punk6529.

In a video interview titled “META-511 | Fall 2022, Week 3 - extra session with Punk 6529 and Gargamel (Co-Founder, Yuga Labs),” BAYC Co-Founder Garga answered several questions regarding the platform and gave the community an update on when they will be able to break on through to the Otherisde.

“The thesis here is really around the idea that the metaverse should be something that exist on the blockchain,” Garga said, “It should be open and interoperable and allow people to come as they are and as they want to be."

Garga went on to explain that a Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers trailer that he saw as a kid had a huge impact on how he views the metaverse.

“The most special video game trailer I ever saw as a kid was the super smash brothers trailer where you not only had Link and Zelda but also Super Mario, Bowser, Kirby and so many other people all mashed together in this world,” Garga said. “And that’s close to our vision of what the metaverse can be expect not just enabled by the fact of Yuga or owning a certain IP.”

While Garga wants the metaverse to be a place that’s like Super smash Brothers, he made it a point to say that he doesn’t want the Otherside to feel like “any other Web 2 game.”

“It needs to embrace certain aspects of the metaverse that haven’t been done before really,” Garga said. “And that’s where having that extreme density of users is, like what we showed on the First Trip, very integral to how we want people to experience the metaverse. We want there to be more interaction.”

Garga then compared Facebook’s metaverse to Yuga’s and said, while Facebook is focused on “hardware” Yuga is focused on making a social space.

“Our vision of the metaverse is a space where it’s just the social engagement and where we want to spend our time in digital spaces,” Garga said. “I think when we have metaverse spaces where we have that embrace.. a lot of that potentiality and that experience will open up and that it’s inherently better to build a metaverse on the blockchain than it is not to. And that’s where it feels like Yuga can compete with absolute giants.”

For Yuga to compete with these “giants” Garga said that the Otherisde will have to be fun and embolden creators.

“Otherside needs to be a fun game in its own right, but also it needs to be a platform for creators to build on top of the idea,” Garga explained. “You have to show people the potential and introduce them to a story, engage them, give them an emotional stake in what’s being built; but also give them an incredible tool set to express themselves on top of the platform.

After Garga explained his thoughts on the metaverse and the Otherisde, Punk6529 asked the Yuga Labs founder when users will be able to enter the Otherside metaverse.Garga replied that the Otherside will be open in 2023.

“The persistent world will be coming in 2023,” Garga said. “There will be multiple experiences, many multiple experiences along the way, but the initial persistent world, where people will have full access to the initial customer experience will be in 2023.”

You can check out Garga’s full conversation with Punk6529 below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Otherside and will let you know when Yuga Labs gives the community an update on its metaverse. Stay tuned for updates!

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