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The Punks Legacy Project Is Set To Donate A CryptoPunk To A Major Institutional Collector Soon:

The legend of the CryptoPunks project is growing as Yugas Labs announced that a second Punk would be making its way into an institutional collection soon via the company’s Punks Legacy Project.

“The Punks Legacy Project will announce a new donation to a major institutional collection soon,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its CryptoPunksNFTs account today. “Guess which Punk?”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs launched the Punks Legacy Program in November 2022.

“We’re honored to announce the Punks Legacy Project, an initiative by Yuga Labs to donate iconic CryptoPunks from our collection to museums around the world,” CryptoPunks Brand Lead Noah Davis wrote at the time. “Our team will oversee the donation and installation of several CryptoPunks to leading contemporary art museums around the globe, providing these museums with resources regarding security, NFT display best practices, and Web3 education.”

The first CryptoPunk that the initiative placed was CryptoPunk #305 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami. This punk is meaningful to the city of Miami because its number, and the City's area code are the same.

Punk #305 made her debut at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami on December 2nd,2022 in an exhibit titled “Why Warhol.

“Andy Warhol is fairly uncontested when it comes to the title of “Greatest Postmodern Portrait Artist.” His instantly iconic bright and bold silkscreen paintings depict the visages of any and everyone chic, famous, infamous or somewhere in between,” The ICA Miami wrote. “Warhol’s Society portraits were largely commissioned by their subjects as a kind of emblem for their status within the high society of cultural intelligentsia- one might argue they are precursors to the present-day phenomenon of prestigious PFPs. The series is uniform in format: all the paintings are square (40 X 40 in.) and display the subject from the shoulders up, reproducing their image using a combination of painterly and printing techniques. In showcasing #305 (aka. Virtual Lady) alongside Warhol’s (American Lady), our aim is to illuminate the various affinities- both aesthetic and conceptual- that exist between Warhol’s portrait painting practice and the CryptoPunks digital avatar collection.”

At this time, it is unclear which CryptoPunk will be the second NFT added to an institutional collection via the Punks Legacy Program.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Punks Legacy Program and will let you know where the next Punk is placed. Stay tuned for updates!

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