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The Second Otherside Stress Test Was Today. Here's Happened And Here's Whats Coming Up Next:

Yuga Labs and Improbable held their second Otherisde test load today and Bored Ape Yacht Club members were blown away by how smooth the game ran and how well the in-game voice chat worked.

Thousands of Otherdeed holders visited the Otherside metaverse today to take part in the games second test load.

“The purpose of these load tests is to push the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team,” OthersideMeta explained earlier this week. “This will help inform exactly where the breaking points might be before the First Trip on 7/16, in order to create the best experience possible for the tech demo.”

During the test load, Otherdeed holders played a game where they categorized themselves by age, gaming experience and their Otherside goals. During that time, thousands of players ran from point to point in order to group up with others who made the same answer choices.

“This went incredibly smoothly", Otherdeed holder Brooks AKA BreakinDa_Rules tweeted. “I'm not the first to say it, but 60FPS with a massive load was a huge success, and I (and others) feel like the 'builders' of the brand. It's really one of the blue chips that I think can withhold even the worst bear market, all relatively speaking.”

As the load test continued, Yuga Labs and Improbable, the gaming company working with Yuga to make the Otherside a reality, analyzed the in-game voice chat feature and asked the community to repeat words and phrases as a group.

Take a look at the Otherside’s in-game voice chat feature here:

After the voice test, Improbable Co-Founder and CEO Herman Narula took to Twitter and commented on the in-game audio feature. “Thousands of people shouting ‘sally sells seashells by the seashore’ was the metaverse experience I didn’t know I needed. #OthersideMeta.”

In total, today’s load test lasted about thirty minutes and those who participated in it were impressed with what they saw. “Another load test in the books,” Otherdeed holder Cade Navarro tweeted. “Excited for what's to come next weekend.”

Next Saturday on July 16th, Yuga Labs and Improbable will be holding the first Otherside metaverse event known as the “First Trip.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the First Trip is “The first tech demo of the Otherside, for Voyagers only. A celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan,” according to the Otherside's website.

While we do not know what the first trip will entail, Yuga Labs previously gave the community a sneakpeek of the game.

“And here’s a sneak peak of the First Trip, the tech demo from @Improbableio,” OthersideMeta tweeted on May 11th along with a 36 second clip. “Can’t wait to share the experience with you.”

In order to participate in the First Trip, participants will need to be located in the US or Europe and have a laptop or desktop computer that has a wallet with at least one Otherdeed in it, according to OthersideMeta.

For those who are located outside the US and Europe, Yuga Labs is setting up a First Trip livestream and will make sure that users outside the US and Europe are eligible for any benefits associated with the first trip.

“A private livestream of the tech demo will be available for those in non-supported regions, to ensure all Voyagers can experience the First Trip,” they tweeted. “Attendees verified through the livestream will be eligible for any benefits tied to the First Trip. For future milestones of the Voyager’s Journey, M² is expanding regional streaming options and apps so Voyagers in other countries and platforms are supported equally.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be on the First Trip next week and will continue to cover all things Otherside.

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