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The UK Ape Club Faced Off Against The CloneX Crew In A Friendly Football Match Over The Weekend

As Bored Ape Yacht Club members in America tuned in to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, the United Kingdom Ape Club took to the football field and faced off against the UK CloneX crew for a friendly match!

It was a cold morning in Ealing London as 20 UK Based Bored Apes took to the field to face off against the CloneX holder football team!

“UK CloneX are the reigning champions of the NFT LDN 5-a-side tournament, and their quality showed on the pitch taking a commanding lead in the first half with a 6-1 lead at half time,” the UK Ape Club told the Gazette.”

While things did not go the Apes way in the first half, the BAYC members dug deep and came together in the second half to make it a competitive match! “The second half was a lot stronger as the team chemistry grew with some great team play to claw back the score line, UK Ape Club said. “However, after 90 minutes the CloneX team took the win 9-7, well played to them.”

While the Apes did not win, the UK Ape Club told the Gazette that it was great to get together with fellow apes and compete.

“It was great to get the lads together, lots of fun and laughs were had - looking forward to the next one,” the UK Ape Club said. “Shout out to @Meekdog3000 and @Hirshy for organizing for the UK Apes, and @jwshua for organizing on behalf of UK CloneX Big up @Ape_G4ng for doing a great job as ref too!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the UK Ape Club and will keep you posted on their matches going forward!

Any BAYC members that are interested in joining the UK Ape club and competing in the next football game can reach out the club on Twitter @UKApeClub.

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