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The vibes are strong with DareVader after he announced that he will be giving away a pair of the Bored Ape Yacht Club X BAPE shoes to one of his followers ‘for the culture.’

On Wednesday, DareVader tweeted that he had gifted his grail Mutant Hound NFT to Yuga Labs Co-Founder Gordon Goner and received a lot of love and support from the NFT community afterwards!

“Regardless of whether it blew up or not, on the blockchain I shared a singular moment and that idea was cool to me,” DareVader told the Gazette. “Mutant Hounds made the most sense because it's the most yuga NON-Yuga asset I could think of. An entire ecosystem built within Yuga. I knew he might buy one and I thought I had an amazing one that I could gift. Plus, I purchased it for 4.2069 and looking at his spending, he seems to like the memes haha.”

After seeing the Yugaverse and the broader NFT communities’ reaction to his gift to Goner, DareVader felt the vibes around him and decided it was the perfect time to give away a limited edition BAYC X BAPE pair of sneakers!

“The shoes was something I had told myself prior that I think would be cool if someone just won,” DareVader told the Gazette. “After I gifted Gordo the Hound and received a huge wave of love, I decided to continue the movement of kindness and give the Shoes as well. They are limited edition, wearable and tangible. Whoever wins, wont forget about it. Even if they flip it afterwards.”

DareVader will select a winner sometime tomorrow or Saturday and everyone is welcomed to participate in his giveaway, according to his post.

“I’m gonna send that love back to everyone and this time, going to gift a dead stock pair of the @BoredApeYC X @BAPEOFFICIAL US Size 9 to a random person. 36 hours, he tweeted. “For the culture.”

Going forward, DareVader hopes to do more giveaways and spread more good vibes across the Web3 ecosystem.

“I will continue the trend and more than likely give more,” he said. “ It's fun. No strings attached. And there’s something about getting something physical that hits different. I know how I would feel, and I want people to have that positive reinforcement in this space.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow DareVader and will let you know who wins his BAYC X BAPE shoe giveaway. Stay tuned for updates!

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