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The Window To Nominate Yourself For The ApeCoin DAO's Discourse Facilitators Race Closes Tonight

The window for ApeCoin holders to nominate themselves for the Discourse Facilitators race closes tonight at 11:59 P.M. EST!

ApeCoin DAO contributors with at least one $Ape in their wallet and a trust Level 2 on Discourse are invited to nominate themselves for a position on the newly formed Discourse Facilitator team!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the DAO approved of the creation of a three-person, community led, Discourse moderation team last month when it passed Ape Improvement Proposal-240.

This team will be responsible for “overseeing the proposal process, moderating discussions, enforcing rules, and promoting positive community engagement based on DAO-approved guidelines,” according to the DAO. Each $Ape holder on the Discourse team will have a three-month term and will earn $8,000 USD per month for their service.

Note, this position is not for the faint of heart, according to the DAO’s new Secretary of $Ape, Red Vulkan, who has been performing the Discourse moderation tasks for months.

“I wanted to share what this role entails and my experience in it over the past couple months,” Vulkan tweeted on April 27th. “First off, this has been a very time-intensive role. Of course, the amount of time each person is willing to put into this varies. @0xAmplify, @HodlrCollective

and myself have put in countless hours at all times of day to be as responsive as we have been and cut the average AIP Draft process in half.”

Vulkan went on to tweet that he believed that the ideal candidate for the Discourse Facilitator team would not only have a good amount of knowledge on the AIP process but also, they would have an interest in the finer details of DAO governance.

“Amplify, Lost and myself have held weekly meetings between us three for coordination and use a Project Management tool to track the statuses of each AIP," Vulkan wrote. “Facilitators are also tasked with writing DAR reports What is a DAR you might ask? It stands for Draft & Analysis Report and is the combination of the AIP Draft (submitted by the author) and the AIP Analysis Report (created by the Facilitator). This is definitely the most time-intensive responsibility of a Facilitator.”

ApeCoin holders who are interested in running in the Discourse Facilitator race can officially submit their nominations here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Discourse Facilitator team election and will let you know who the nominees are later this month. Stay tuned for updates!

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