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The Yugaverse And Several Ordinal Collections Can Now Verify Their Wallets For The Upcoming Mutant Hounds Inscription Mint

The Bitcoin blockchain gates were shaking today as the Yugaverse and several Ordinal collections verified their wallets, bringing us one step closer to releasing the Mutant Hounds inscriptions.

As many Web3 enthusiasts felt the Earth rumble during NFT NYC, Novel Labs’ Inscription Mutant Hounds shook the online space as it invited the Yugaverse and eight Ordinal Collections to verify their wallets and get ready to raise !Howl on the Bitcoin blockchain with the release of its first Ordinal Collection.

To get ready to release the Inscription Hounds, Pledge Mutant Cartel Oath, Serum City Pass, MAYC, BAYC, BAKC, Koda, HV-MTL, 10KTF - The Grailed, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Moonbirds holders can go to the Novel Labs’ website and connect their Ethereum and Bitcoin Wallets into its console here:

“Preferred Tier status will be established for these verified asset holders, allowing up to 3 mints each,” the project explained. :For more information, read this article:”

As Yuga Labs' Ethereum-based NFT holders verify their wallets and prepare to potentially mint an insane hound cross-chain, Novel Labs' Founder, Lior.Eth, has previously stated that he believes this mint will be instrumental in encouraging Ethereum users to explore the original blockchain and ape into Ordinals."

“The Mutant Hounds ordinals will drive the biggest ETH to BTC migration among top collectors in the space,” Lior.Eth recently tweeted on March 2nd. “Why? High-effort, unbeatable art - on the biggest blockchain on earth. Looking fwd to welcoming y’all to our new world on Bitcoin. Also, the black reapers are grails.”


Take a look at some of the insane Inscription Hounds artwork below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Hounds Inscriptions and will keep you posted on the minting process. Stay tuned for updates!

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