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These BAYC Members Are Hosting A Get Together This Sunday At Lion's Milk Coffee In Brooklyn

If you're bored in Brooklyn this weekend and want to check out some awesome art while supporting Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired brands, then head on over to Lion's Milk coffee this Sunday!

On August 6th, BAYC member PopilArt and Lionsmilk.Eth are hosting a 'Stop Motion Exhibition & Bored IP Meetup' at Lionsmilk's Turkish Coffee shop, Lion's Milk, in Brooklyn!

“Apes will be displayed as usual,” LionsMilk told the Gazette. “Healthy event! Will have Popilart giving out some Bored Ip teas! Will hand out some @Bored_Bagels and Bored Ip cream cheeses! Will have couple more Ip products + I’ll order some Turkish pizzas! I guess it will be a chill private gathering!”

Along with the chill vibes and Boring IP, attendees will also get to check out Popilart’s stop motion artwork including her “nominated animation, ‘The Coral Reef Chronicles’ from the Festival of Cinema NYC,”according to the invite.

Apes and Web3 enthusitats who are interested in checking out the event can RSVP here:

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