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These Bored Apes Are Hosting A Dinner Party In LA Next Week! Here's How To Attend:

These Bored Apes are hosting an upscale dinner party next week and everyone in the NFT space is invited!

The Bored Supper Club is hosting its first ever dinner party at Inceptionland in Los Angeles California on February 25th; featuring a four-course menu created by several BAYC members!

“It’s a full 4 course meal with the main dish being “bored vodka pasta” ( @Ape1926 from @SpiritPunks) and dessert from @Buttrdt0ast with his Shokupan bread,” BAYC member 4evafamouss told the Gazette. “Our menu was designed by @CulinaryCrypto who is my partner in this!”

Tickets for the Bored Supper Dinner Party are currently available for .1 Eth each on Manifold here:

Along with an awesome dinner, Bored Supper attendees will also receive a goodie bag full of web3 inspired snacks!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Bored Supper Club and will keep you posted on all their future events! For more information on the Bored Supper Club, follow the project on Twitter @ BoredSupperClub.

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