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These Three Proposals Won The First ApeCoin DAO Funded Meebits Prop House Micro-grant Contest:

The ApeCoin DAO’s first Meebits Prop House micro-grant competition ended today and the Meebits community picked three proposals to fund.

After 29 different builders and artist submitted their proposals to the ApeCoin DAO sponsored Meebit Prop House competition, the Meebits community has decided to fund three unique proposals.

The first-place idea in the competition was “MEEBITS HAVE LEG-Os” by Forever Apes. In this proposal, Forever Apes pitched the creation of 30 custom Lego Meebits with claimable instructions.

The second-place idea in the contest was “Skate MeebitsDao Day” by 080022.Eth. In this proposal, 080022.Eth proposed that the community paint an entire skate park in Praça dos Lavradores with Meebit NFTs.

“Once the track is finished painting, we will have an event on site to talk about MeebitsDao to people in the community, as well as teaching them about WEB3,” 080022.Eth wrote.

The third-place idea in the Meebit’s Prop House contest was “MeeKit: A MeeBits Blender Render Kit” by Bored Ape Yacht Club member Bailey_tattoo.

“I will be putting together an appendable Blender project that will contain a bunch of MeeBits themed assets to facilitate in building a scene quickly & a collection of poses to apply to your MeeBit for quick, satisfying renders,” Bailey wrote. “Included will be an instructional guide to help understand how to use the toolkit (even if you're brand new to Blender).”

Each of these three projects will receive 1,000 $Ape from the ApeCoin DAO which is worth $4,040 USD at the time of this article’s publication.

The ApeCoin DAO is set two fund two more Meebit Prop House competitions going forward. The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know when those contests kick off and which ideas receive funding. You can check out the full results from the first Meebits Prop house here:

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