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These Two CryptoPunks Made A Big Deal. Find Out Who Got What:

Two CryptoPunk collectors made a massive deal today that involved several Punks.

CryptoPunk Subbo traded three Cryptopunks with fellow CryptoPunk holder Peruggia for CryptoPunk #7273, according to Opensea sales data.

In the deal, Subbo purchased CryptoPunk #7273 for 369.69 Eth or $486,179 USD.

CryptoPunk #7273 is a three-attribute albino male punk with 3D glasses, a cap, and a smile. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #7273 is the 22855th most rare Punk, according to Rarity tools.

As Subbo picked up CryptoPunk #7273, Peruggia purchased three CryptoPunk from Subbo for 339.69 Eth or 446,725 USD.

Take a look at Peruggia’s new CryptoPunks below:

Aftert today’s trade, Peruggia now holds nine CryptoPunks including a rare Alien type Punk that they purchased back in March 2021.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Subbo and Peruggia and will let you know what these two notable collectors do next!

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