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This AIP Aims To Distribute New NFTs To ApeCoin Holders. Find Out More About AIP-206

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims to create and distribute several interoperable NFTs to the ApeCoin community and the Yugaverse at large.

AIP-206 titled “Create and Gift Multi-Link Ape Coin Armory Club and Ape Coin Pet Club NFTs” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by AaronLeupp.Eth.

In their proposal, AaronLeupp.Eth explained that he and his team aim to create 20,000 Ape Coin Armory Club NFTs and 20,000 Ape Coin Pet Club NFTs and distribute them amongst $Ape holders and the Yugaverse at large.

Take a look at some of AaronLeupp.Eth’s concept art for the two project’s below:

Along with these two unique NFT projects, AaronLeupp.Eth plans to create three additional non-unique collections.

two of these NFTs will be given to all $Ape holders while one will be given to Working Group Zero Holders, according to his proposal,

In total, AaronLeupp.Eth and his team are asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate $168,000 USD to them so they can create these collections and the NFTs accompanying 3D models.

To find out more about AIP-206, the Gazette reached out to AaronLeupp.Eth for an interview. Check it out below:

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into the BAYC and ApeCoin?

“I am AaronLeupp.Eth founder the most held NFT collection in the world Waifumon with over 100k owners and one of the biggest community leaders in Decentraland the first metaverse. I bought and got into ApeCoin because I see the value of its future utility from my experience with Decentraland and MANA and forecast the same will happen with ApeCoin.”

In a sentence or two what is your AIP about?

“We would like to build 20,000 Ape Coin Pet club and 20,000 ApeCoin Armory Club ETH collections and give them to the holders, new holders and active community members. As well as make and give 200,000 non unique NFTs the to the first 200k ApeCoin holders . Also will build and link 3D molds for the NFTs to be linked in all metaverses to prove the concept of NFTs as a whole (Otherside, Decentraland and Sandbox).”

Why are you and your team the right people to make NFTs for ApeCoin holders?

“We are the team to do it because 1. We have already went through the process getting these collections approved through other metaverse like Decentraland and know how to link the 3D molds to the 2D NFTs and the holders . And 2. We have already one of the only teams in the space that has over 100k holders that have built the systems to distribute over 100k NFTs like this.”

If passed, where do you see these NFTs going in the future? What would their utility be?

“Not only do I see ACAC and ACPC being the stable of the ApeCoin community but also see it as the first stepping stone of utility of the battle royal games we building in metaverses MetaVS in Decentraland and Otherside.”

What should the DAO know about you and your team before they vote?

“They should know that yes we are great team of community fan artists turned company of one of the most held NFTs collections in the world Waifumon and also Disney quality 3D files and animation can be seen here but also a bunch of Weebs just trying to have fun so should not be taken to seriously.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Will this devalue your ApeCoin or yuga labs NFT? Here my answer to that: Thanks for checking out our trailer, demos and 3D vid tests in the Metaverse. we did put a ton of money and work into this and will def do the same if it is voted through. Yes you are totally right to have hesitation towards more supply our govs printing max money alone should have everyone with those concerns lol. I can't predict the future of NFTs all I can say is this. I have two PSA 5 1st edition Charizard’s worth about $5k to $10k each. High PSA grades go for hundreds of thousands if you can even get someone to sell one. You also can buy and sell other generations of Charizard like Shining Charizard (006) for tens of thousands and Charizard (89/88) etc. and every generation the print and so on forever the past several decades. Pokémon the biggest money-making franchise in the world will continue to print more cards forever and this I know and will continue to have different versions of Charizard. This I know and I still hold because they even though they are printing more different versions of Charizard they not printing more 1st Edition Charizard’s thus I know my cards will continue to go up in value as more generations continue to get into Pokémon and buy. With this in mind we are not asking to print more more BAYC. I hope that makes sense.”

The window to vote on AIP-206 is open and $Ape holders have until Wednesday March 29th to cast their coins.

Currently, AIP-206 is rejected by 87% of $Ape voters.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of AIP-206. Stay tuned for updates!

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