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This AIP Proposes the Creation Of An ApeCoin NFT Launch Pad Via NiftyKit

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims make an ApeCoin NFT project launchpad and integrate the ApeCoin community into its NFT drop platform.

AIP-88 titled “Earn ApeCoin Revenue Through Our No-Code NFT Drop Platform & Launchpad” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by Bored Ape Yacht Club member and NiftyKit Co-Founder Dan.

In AIP-88, Dan explains that his company has been helping artist and brands launch their NFT projects on Eth for over a year.

“We want to become a launch pad to help make ApeCoin NFT project ideas come to life,” Dan explained in his proposal. “Through our established no-code, self-serve smart contract platform, NiftyKit, anyone can launch a project on our platform in just minutes, unlocking accessibility for the next generation of NFT creators. By building deep integration with ApeCoin, we can unlock new levels of utility for the token, making it the foundational coin for the creator economy.”

In total, Dan and NiftyKit are asking the ApeCoin DAO for 8500 $Ape per month for three months to assist in adding $Ape to its system.

“Receiving a grant from the ApeCoin DAO will help us add a scalable and secure way for any creator or brand to launch an ApeCoin NFT drop in just minutes instead of weeks or months,” Dan wrote. “Empowering creators with the best-in-class tools will enable our community to become an accelerator and launchpad for NFT projects with the support and backing of the most robust blue-chip holders in the ecosystem.”

You can also check out Dan’s company’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview Dan about his proposal. Stay tuned for a Question-and-Answer article!

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Chip Stata
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