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This BAYC Member Accidentally Sold His King Robe Ape For 1.68 ETH, Now He's Trying To Get Him Back

Bored Ape Yacht Club member, Mcnaney.eth, was trying to show the world just how much he valued his Bored Ape but wound up accidentally selling him for 1.68 Eth instead.

“Accidentally sold my PFP (profile photo) ape for 1.68 Eth,” Mcnaney tweeted. “Feeling pretty terrible.”

The Bored Ape that Mcnaney sold was Bored Ape #5828.

Bored Ape #5828 is a tan fur six trait ape in a king’s robe with 3d glasses and a bored cigarette mouth. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #5828’s floor value should have been at least 7.75 Eth, according to Evaluate. Market.

After accidentally selling Bored Ape #5828, Mcnaney sent an NFT message to the buyers wallet asking them to consider sending the ape back.

“I write you to ask a huge favor, I accidentally listed my ape for 1.68 ETH and it appears as though you were the genius who was able to scoop up this token that has now become part of me,” Mcnaney wrote. “ It was a mistake and I understand whatever you decide to do but please know if you send my beloved #5828 back, I will send the 1.68 ETH an additional bit to round it out to 2 ETH. Your wallet address would forever be seen as trustworthy in the eyes of crypto and NFT Twitter and to be quite frank you would make my life a whole lot better right now. It’s a trustless system and a move like this would forever make you seen as trustworthy! Also, just please.”

While no one is sure who owns the wallet that now has Bored Ape #5828, Mcnaney told the Bored Ape Gazette that the wallet has interacted with Nifty Nudes in the past.

After the accidental sale, Mcnaney told the Gazette that he is currently trying to sell some of his apes in order to purchase a new one that speaks to him like #5828 did.

“ I really fell in love with 5828,” Mcnaney said. “Even embroidered a hat with him on it.”

While Mcnaney is disappointed about selling his favorite Bored Ape, the BAYC community has rallied around him.

“The community has honestly shown why holding an ape is insanely valuable through this whole process,” Mcnaney said. “The support is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

Take a look at the address of the current holder of Bored Ape #5828 here: 0x38e0be68f7eeee3cab83d9a25cdc3f91e5be0509

If you’re the new owner of Bored Ape #5828, or know the new owner, feel free to message Mcnaney on Twitter @Wannabeeple.

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