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This BAYC Member Sold A Mega Mutant Serum For 1542.069 Eth. Find Out What He Plans To Do Next:

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

2022 is off to an insane start as Bored Ape Yacht Club member Deepak Thapliyal purchased a mega mutant serum for 1542.069 Eth or $5,859,000 USD.

“For the culture #BAYC #MAYC #Serum69, Thapliyal tweeted after the purchase. “Twitter thread coming up soon to break down what’s next!”

At the time of this article’s publication, Thapiyal has not released his Twitter thread detailing what he plans to do with the rare serum.

As the BAYC community eagerly waits for Thapliyal to use his mega mutant serum; the BAYC member who sold it to him celebrates and plans his next move.

BAYC member Cryptobeaker.eth sold his mega mutant serum to Thapliyal for and plans to sweep some floors, build in web3 and party with his friends at the BAYC.

“I feel very appreciative of the BAYC community, he told the Gazette. “Glad BAYC has made it as was tough diamond handing through the fud. BAYC just getting started. Pretty bored of irl (in real life) so excited to party with all the apes in the metaverse.”

Cryptobeaker is one of the largest BAYC holders in the community and has been since the club’s beginning.

Currently, Cryptobeaker is the 10th largest ape holder with 36 Bored Apes worth at least 4,223.118 Eth or $16,048,000 USD, according to Evaluate. Market.

After the selling the serum, Cryptobeaker told the Bored Ape Gazette that he plans to eat a lot of pizza and add some more apes to his collection.

“Will be aping around in the discord and the metaverse with BAYC for life. We all know bored unshaven pizza is best trait; will likely corner more pizza apes.”

Currently, Cryptobeaker has six pizza mouth bored apes and mutants, according to Opensea data.

“Going to sweep all pizzas,” Cryptobeaker said. “Should probably get one before article drops.”

Selling his mega mutant serum was a big decision for Cryptobeaker, and a lot of thought went into it.

To commemorate that moment in time, BAYC member Cryptopainer created of Cryptobeaker trying to figure out what he should do as he watched Eth Co-Founder Taylor Gerring use his mega mutant serum last week.

“Drinking peaty scotch and running expected value calculations for an acceptable price to sell at,” he said “Did some shrooms. just being bored loving life.”

Going forward, Cryptobeaker told the Bored Ape Gazette that he thinks the 1542.069 ETH price tag for his serum will look like a deal! Also, Cryptobeaker shared his thoughts on who he thinks will get which mega mutants once all the serums are consumed.

“I think deepak will reveal trippy, 0xb1 gold, and cheetah will be stuck in the mia persons mega serum.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to monitor the mega mutant serums and let you know when they are used.

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