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This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Just Started A New Group To Connect Indian Apes And Punks

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member just started a new club that aims to bring Indian Yuga Labs NFT holders together!

Earlier this week, BAYC member Rahul.Eth took to Twitter and shared his new group called “ with his followers.

“Apes, mutants, and Punks from India have assembled to create @baap_xyz community,” Rahul tweeted. “I'm so excited for what's coming next.”

BAAP stands for Bored Apes and Punks and the group’s goal is to connect India based Yuga Labs NFT holders with one another.

To find out more about BAAP, the Bored Ape Gazette interviewed Rahul. Eth. Check out the Gazette’s full interview with him below:

1: Why did you make this group?

“Our major reason is simple, to create an Indian community of contributors and OGs in the space who know the NFT world for a long time. We all share knowledge in different fields which could be put together to create something meaningful.”

2.: What the goal of this group?

“The goal as of now is to bring together all Indian apes and punks in one place. They have individually contributed to various communities in many ways, and if we all could come together, maybe it could become easier for each of us to keep doing what we were doing as well as to build a stronger network to expand our knowledge to new people and onboard them. We don't have any definitive goal yet, nor do we want to keep it confined to a few things. But as things will come, we will try our network could help others in India as well communities outside India who would want to collab with us.”

3: When is your first meet up?

“We are yet to come up with a definitive date, but hopefully soon.”

4: Why is it important for people to join communities and groups?

“Communities and groups are how we thrive on the internet are what we believe. We have all been in different communities and groups before this and we are grateful for the role they have played in our journeys. A community gives you a feeling of you are part of something bigger than yourself, there is always someone whom you can trust. Like the cliché quote goes “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

5.: How can Punks and Apes get involved with your group?

“Currently, we want to work with Indian apes and punks to see what we can do before exploring opportunities with the larger Yuga community. Any ape, mutant, or punk of Indian origin is welcome to join dm of us (@0xmj_, @rahuldoteth, @AbhiramBangaru, @_lazypoet_)”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow BAAP and will let you know what this community is up to! If you’re interested in joining BAAP, be sure to follow the group on Twitter @baap_xyz.

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