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  • Writer's pictureKyle

This CryptoPunk Made A Massive Trade For A Dapper Bored Ape Over The Weekend

Over the holiday weekend this CryptoPunk put on his Sunday best and secured a dapper bored ape.

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Wallstre.Eth aka Punkprofile on Twitter made a big trade over the weekend that ended with him owning Bored Ape #2106.

“Got myself a new toy - a black suit BAYC,” Wallstre.Eth tweeted after the deal. “Very grateful, what is next? @BoredApeYC #APE #BAYC 2106.”

Bored Ape #2106 is a six-trait dark brown fur ape with a safari hat and a black suit. Based on these traits, bored Ape #2106 is the 1506th most rare primate, according to Rarity Tools.

In order to get Bored Ape #2106, Wallstre.Eth told the Bored Ape Gazette that he had to trade Bored Ape #8256, Mutant Ape #26512, Xcopy Traitors /51 and “lots of ETH.

While the price for the suited-up primate was high, Wallstre.Eth told the gazette that it’s worth it to be a part of the BAYC community.

“I aped in first time when I head about BAYC in August last year, but I sold way too early and missed the fam & fun,” Wallstre.Eth said. “Now managed to finally trade my way up to this black suited ape and won’t stop here. Will always have an ape and won't miss out again. I am sure Yuga Labs has exciting plans for us.”

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