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This Gaming AIP Has Its Sights Set On Creating A Third Person Shooter Game For The ApeCoin DAO

This Ape Improvement Proposal has its sights set on creating a third person shooter video game that aims to onboard thousands into the ApeCoin ecosystem.

AIP-103 titled “Ape Worlds: Shooter Edition” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal submitted by Knock Knock Games CEO Andrew Friday.

“Shooter games are massively popular,” Friday wrote in his proposal. “Everyone knows how to play shooters, and there is a ton of depth to master the gameplay. Also, shooter games are very repayable and get a lot of engagement. Pairing the Ape brand with a fun, accessible game that runs on the web w/ Ethereum/ Metamask we can expand the number of wallets holding and spending $APE.”

Within the proposal, Friday explained that the Ape Worlds shooter game will be “instant play” which means that a single tweet or post could leave to brand new users.

In total, Knock Knock Games and Friday are asking for 215,938 $APE to put their 15-person team to work on building this game. Friday will also use the money to hire Beffio Studios and an Art Director to generate hundreds of 3D art assets.

This is Friday and Knock Knock Games second AIP proposal after their first one was voted down by the DAO. Following that vote, Friday and his team turned to the community for feedback and put together this new proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on more reports on AIP-103 and the other AIPs that are on the ballot this week. Stay tuned for coverage!

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