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  • Writer's pictureKyle

This Mega Koda Owner Has Purchased Three Bored Apes& A Mutant In The Last Day

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member has been making waves at the swamp after they purchased three Bored Apes and an insane Mutant!

Wallet 0x7bF481e3a1Dd55618AC58F874481A9eAa3231734

AKA Kurty.Eth has been on a recent shopping spree picking up three Bored Apes 218 Eth or $353,000 USD.

Along with the three Bored Apes, Kurty.Eth also purchased Mutant Ape #13296 yesterday for 14 Eth or $22,700 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Kurty.Eth for comment on the recent purchases via Twitter but did not receive a response.

While we do not know much about Kurty.Eth we do know that this user is the owner of a Mega Koda.

Kurty.Eth owns Otherdeed #92769. Otherdeed #92769 is a one star Sky environment on Cosmic Dream sediment with Element 115, Spikeweed, Petrified, and Nether resources.

Otherdeed #92769 is also home to Koda #9957. Koda #9957 is a Mega Koda with a Sky Myth core, a Lazuli Nebula head and Orchestrated clothing. Koda #9957 is also armed with a Golden Wand.

Check out Kurty.Eth's other Yuga Labs NFTs below:

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