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This NFT Art Gallery Is Highlighting The Web3 Community With Its Novo Art Show Exhibit

The Iham NFT Gallery in Paris France is highlighting what community is all about with its “Novo Art Show” exhibit.

After notable CryptoPunk, CryptoNovo, had his wallet compromised in January 2023, the Web3 space came to his aid and helped him get his digital identity back through the power of art and community.

“This story proves exactly the positive net function of the WEB3 community,” Iham NFT Gallery wrote. “This exhibition celebrates the end of this story in the language of art. Many artists recreated the story of Novo in their own style. Novo Art shows are held simultaneously in Paris and Metaverse. The charm of Web3 art exhibitions that existing art exhibitions do not have is the "community." The threshold of art has been lowered in the form of exhibitions that anyone can participate in and find anywhere. Crypto punk #3706 and this story are no longer just Novo's. It belongs to all of us who travel on the web3.”

Take a look at the lists of artists whose CryptoNovo themed work will be on display at the exhibit:

The Novo Art Show exhibit opens tomorrow at the Iham NFT Gallery located at 46 Boulevard Henri IV in Paris France and will be up until March 4th.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Novo Art Show. Stay tuned for updates.

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