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This Otherdeed Holder Is Keeping Kodas Looking Their Best With Their Project, Otherside Outfitters

While we do not know what a Koda is, we do know that the mystical beings will be dressed to impress on the Otherside thanks to this NFT artist.

Otherdeed holder Crypto_Cade has had his Koda for a few months and recently noticed a need for stylish clothing options for Kodas.

“I kept seeing all the apes have all this cool merch from NiftyTailor so I started making similar outfits for my own Koda,” Crypto_Cade told the Gazette. “I can make merch for mutants and apes too, but I wanted Kodas to fit in and also have the ability to dress up for future events or news!”

So far Crypto_Cade has dressed 17 Kodas in various outfits and hoodies such as Otherside hoodies, Dr. Bombay merch, and even Naruto inspired outfits!

Crypto_Cade told the Gazette that he thinks making it easier for Kodas to dress up for events will bring the Koda community together and lead to more Twitter users making the creatures their profile photos!

“I think it also helps with the Koda community too and helps push Kodas on to more people,” Crypto_Cade explained. “Hopefully, Kodas can be more accepted and used as PFPs especially when we start getting more news on WTF a Koda is!”

If you’re interested in having your Koda dressed up, feel free to reach out to Crypto_Cade via Twitter @OS_Outfitters

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