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'TIME TO GROW UP': Even Though LOTM Was Acquired By Faraway Today, Tomorrow's Kodamara Fusion Is Still On!

While Maras may have moved to the Faraway Gaming Studios ecosystem today following the company’s acquisition of their IP, it's still almost time for these creatures to grow up, eat a Catalyst, and transform into powerful Kodamaras!

Growth and change are in the air on Otherside today as Faraway Gaming Studios acquired the Legends of The Mara just one day before the mystical Maras were set to ‘grow up’ and become Kodamaras by eating a Catalyst creature in a process known as the Kodamara Fusion; which begins tomorrow!

Following today’s acquisition of the Mara collection, Yuga Labs’ Garga was active on Twitter answering folks questions about all things LOTM.

One question Garga replied to was regarding tomorrow’s Kodamara Fusion being off chain, to which Garga explained that it will cost about $14 USD to mint a Kodamara; thus implicitly confirming that it’s still time for the Maras to grow up no matter who owns the IP!

“Keeping these off chain made the most sense, especially since we wanted Kodamara to be an ETH L1 asset and making a Kodamara sinks fragments,” Garga wrote. “(Btw speaking of ‘not doing more dumb shit that wastes gas,’ it looks like minting a Kodamara will cost around 14 bucks at 40 gwei and that’s with a burn and mint in the same tx. Also gas has been lot lower today. And there’s no need to bum rush the Kodamara mint tmrw, wait if gas is high.)”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Voyagers will be able to feed their Maras one of the six different Catalyst creatures beginning tomorrow. Each Catalyst will have a unique impact on their Mara’'s aesthetic as the creatures transform into Kodamaras.

Voyagers will also have to decide whether or not to add a sediment fragment or two to their mystical creature, further impacting their Kodamara's appearance.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow tomorrow’s Kodamara Fusion and will keep you posted on everything that Faraway does with LOTM. Stay tuned for updates!

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