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'TO MUCH AHEAD': Yuga Labs' Leadership Teased A 2024 That Will Be Anything But Boring!

Before Bored Ape Yacht Club members go out to ring in the new year this evening, Yuga Labs’ leadership team is looking back at a wild 2023 and thanking their fellow primates, Doggos, HVs, Punks, Meebs, and Voyagers  for another boring year of memories in the Yugaverse and looking ahead to an insane 2024!

2023 was certainly one for the books! From online games like Dookey Dash, HV-MTL Forge, second trip, and Legends of The Mara to real-life experiences like Fuck It Friday and ApeFest Hong Kong, it's safe to say that even in the middle of an extended bear market, things are anything but boring around the swamp!

“Created a lot of stuff this past year with the team @yugalab,” the company’s VP of Brand Production Chad Calcagno tweeted. “Kinda nuts how much actually but still ending the year feeling a bit low because I know we have to much ahead of us in 2024. Proud to work with so many talented and kind folks. Excited to see where 2024 takes us.”

Calcagno’s comments on an insane 2024 being on the horizon echoes Yuga Labs’ Creative Director, Jeff Nicholas’ recent comments about the company’s goal of bringing the community together and answering why we Bored Apes are in a Yacht Club to begin with.

“I do a lot of thinking about the varied reasons for “why” apes are in the club,” Nicholas tweeted on December 27th. “There are many (+ v personalized) But there are only a few underlying, core values that bind all of us. Into an actual club vs just a gathering of people 2024 will be about cultivating those values.”

The Bored Ape Gazette wishes you all a Happy New Years and will continue to follow everything that the Yuga Labs and the BAYC do in 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

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