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TOWN HALL RECAP: Yuga Labs Announced That It Will Be Hosting More Events, Releasing The Otherside ODK, And Rewarding Builders!

From 'Project Dragon' to airdrops, things were anything but boring this evening as over 1,200 Apes and Voyagers got together on the Otherside for the first of its kind Town Hall with Yuga Labs CEO Garga.

On Thursday, Apes and Voyagers danced like they were drunk Gargas at a wedding as they broke on through to the Otherside for a highly anticipated update on all things Otherside.


During the meeting, Garga fired up a power point and discussed his three goals for Otherside: 1. More frequent events, 2. World builder ODK, and 3. rewards.

“As you guys know I took over the CEO spot two months ago and honestly me and the team have been running through walls like the Kool-aid man to bring you guys more tangible updates on everything we are doing,” Garga said. “there are three main things that I want to solve. 1. More frequent events, meaning monthly mass density 3,000 plus players at once but also with dynamic gameplay. Meaning not just social experiences like Apes Come Home but also like low latency action oriented stuff. Getting thousands of people together at once is not something anyone in Web2 is doing, and I love the idea of doing something only we can do. 2. The world builder ODK. I want to put tools in the hands of Voyagers to build on Otherside. not next year, immediately. This has always been the most important aspect of Otherside for me. The day we go from just Yuga and our partners building this to thousands of Otherdeed holders, that’s when we are unstoppable.  3. Rewards. This is Web3, people should be rewarded for what they do, and those who build out Otherside will be.”


After Garga laid out his top priorities for Otherside, he announced that Otherside will be built atop ImprobableIo’s M2 technology and that the Yuga Labs team will be working with them to make the metaverse a reality.

Garga went on to give the community its first look at the Agora Marketplace, revealed that 3D-modeled Kodas are coming this summer, announced an Otherside action game set in Meetropolis dubbed Project Dragon that's coming this July, stated that the Alpha Otherside ODK will be released to a handful of builders over the next two weeks, confirmed that Otherside will run on ApeChain, and unveiled an airdrop opportunity for Apes and Voyagers for a new Layer 1 token called Somnia that the community can earn by helping to build the metaverse!

“TLDR: Here's what we're focused on,” Garga tweeted after the town hall. “EVENTS: Monthly starting July, and not just social ones like Apes Come Home. We’re talking 3k+ players with low-latency, action gameplay. Guns and stuff. Mayhem. ODK ALPHA: Putting builder tools in the hands of the community immediately. REWARDS: Rewards for those who build Otherside.”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you a series on reports on everything was discussed during today’s meeting. Stay tuned for updates.

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