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Trippy Fur Apes' Floor Gets Swept After Buyers Spend $5,289,000 USD on Trippy Fur Apes

After Bored Ape Yacht Club member, Formosa, purchased their trippy fur ape for a record setting 500 Eth, a flurry of trippy sales followed.

In total, five trippy fur bored apes were purchased today within a couple of hours of one another. The most expensive Trippy fur ape sold during this time was Bored Ape #9361 which sold for a club record 500 Eth or $1,650,000. The cheapest trippy fur ape sold during the trippy floor sweep was Bored Ape #1884 which sold for 215 Eth or$ 709,000 USD.

In total, buyers spent 1,603 Eth or $5,289,000 USD on sweeping the Trippy ape floor. The current floor price for trippy fur apes is now 300 Eth or $990,000 USD, according to Opensea.

“Trippy floor now 300ETH and 3 of top 6 all time sales, including the #1 overall sale,” BAYC member Capetain Trippy tweeted. “It’s trippy season.”

After the trippy purchases ended, BAYC collector ODGFarmer took to Twitter to offer his two cents on what might come next. “Guess with this INSANE trippy buying rush, a 600 goldie sale is just around the corner,” huh, he tweeted. “Holy wow what a market !”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the market and keep you informed on all major sales. Take a closer look at the Trippy Fur ape sales from today:

Bored Ape #: 9361

Purchase price: 500 Eth

Owner: Formosa

Notable traits: Cyborg eye, bored unshaven bubblegum mouth

Rarity Tools Rank: 37

Bored Ape #: 9728

Purchase price: 269 Eth

Owner: _Woody_

Notable traits: spinner hat, bored unshaven pipe

Rarity Tools Rank: 470

Bored Ape #: 1884

Purchase price: 215 Eth

Owner: A15A5F

Notable traits: service clothing, Bored unshaven mouth

Rarity Tools Rank: 1243

Bored Ape #: 820

Purchase price: 222 Eth

Owner: B7497B

Notable traits: Vietnam Era Helmet, Guayabera shirt

Rarity Tools Rank: 679

Bored Ape #: 8585

Purchase price: 397 Eth

Owner: Kalish

Notable traits: Vietnam Era Helmet, Guayabera shirt

Rarity Tools Rank: 441

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