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Trippy Trifecta: This Opensea User Swept The Trippy Fur Floor Spending Over $700,000 USD

No one has to worry about slipping after this Opensea user swept the Trippy fur floor Thursday afternoon.

Opensea User and new Bored Ape Yacht Club member, 0x8c66, purchased three trippy fur apes in a span of 10 minutes. During that time 0x8c66 spent 269.79 Eth or $701,000 USD.

“Sweeping trippy floor is the stuff of dreams,” Cool Cats member, Ratdog tweeted.

The three trippy fur apes that 0x8c66 purchased were the wallets only purchases on Opensea, according to their profile.

Earlier today, 0x8c66 transferred 293.806 Eth or $763,000 USD from an FTX echange address to Opensea.

Ox8c66 still has another24.096 Eth or $68,244 USD in the wallet, according to Etherscan.

Let’s take a closer look at Ox8c66’s trippy fur collection:

Bored Ape #211

Traits: 6

Fur: Trippy

Clothes: Work Vest

Rarity Rank: 757

Bored Ape #8295

Traits: 6

Fur: Trippy

Clothes: Stunt Jacket

Rarity Rank: 1432

Bored Ape #935

Traits: 6

Fur: Trippy

Clothes: Guayabera

Rarity Rank: 935

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