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Twitter Announced That It Will "See What We Can Do" About Verifying NFT PFP's. All The Details Here:

Twitter is looking into a way to verify ownership of NFT profile photos on their platform, according to a tweet from the company earlier today.

Twitter replied to a tweet from user 3LAU, who’s profile photo is of CryptoPunk #6708, asking the social media site to verify nft ownership. “Would be cool if @Twitter verified owenership of NFT pfp’s with wallet signatures,” 3LAU tweeted on September 12th. “@Jack could be an easy web3 integration?”

11 days later, Twitter replies to 3LAU’s tweet with a popular meme of SpongeBob SquarePants getting off his sofa with the words, “ IGHT LET’S SEE WHAT WE CAN DO.”

Twitters reply quickly went viral in the NFT and crypto community as many users have been wanting a Twitter verification like this for a while. “Oh so you’ll listen to 3LAU but not me when I suggested this months ago and you could’ve done been done with it already, BAYC member TropoFarmer tweeted. “GEE THANKS TWITTER.”

Twitter has been friendly to the NFT community for quite some time. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Twitter released its Genesis NFT project earlier this summer. At the time of their Genesis drop, Twitters head of social marketing and campaigns, Bianca Posterli, posted a thread that detailed how Twitters goal was bring more people into the NFT conversation. Twitter verifying NFT profile photo accounts would certainly algin with her and Twitter’s previously stated goals.

While many in the NFT community are excited about the possibly of profile photo verification, some notable voices are asking questions about what Twitter would be verifying.

The issue I see with “NFT verification” on @Twitteris, what exactly are they verifying, asked Crypto Influencer, Beanie. “Unless they start whitelisting certain collections (which would be centralized), will they just verify that an NFT is minted on Ethereum, or some other network? Doesn’t really prove anything. “NFT verification” is really a step back in getting people to understand that blockchain provenance is the only meaningful claim to ownership. I worry that @Twitter plays God and whitelists collections that it views as favorable. They have a history of bad crypto decision making.”

While Beanie raises interesting questions about what NFT verification would look like, others in the NFT community feel that it will just be as simple as a link that points to back at the chain. “That is ur assumption, they can just have a link that points to a verified contract address on etherscan or whatever block explorer for different chain, BAYC member NFTCrypto3 tweeted in response to Beanie. “Or they can have an input box where u can input the contract address to verify if the respective pfp matches.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and let you know more about Twitter Verifying NFT profile photos as more information becomes available.

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