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UNEXPECTED INVITE: Many BAYC Members Received An Invite To An Event Titled BlockChain& Booze

Many members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club received an unexpected NFT in their wallets recently.

Many apes on Twitter posted about receiving an NFT titled “Blockchain & Booze.” Some of these NFTS were blank like the one this reporter personally received and others included an image featuring three apes and an invite to an upcoming event.

Sometime after many apes began receiving the NFT, one of the apes featured, Alon Goren tweeted more information about the invite and the NFT.

“So excited to announce next week's Blockchain Booze will be all about Bored Apes, Goren tweeted. “It's going to be a ton of fun! I expect to lean a lot from @TheeHustleHouse and @beijingdou and the other BAYC community members who come.”

While it seems that Goren’s were to inform apes of an upcoming event, Goren apologized to apes who found the airdrop “spammy.”

“Also want to apologize to some of the Apes who hit me up this morn saying the airdrop I did last night was spammy, Goren tweeted. “I was on the fence so I ran a poll and 95% said to do it. In the unlockable content I promised to make it up to you and buy you a beer, but Cargo kinda hid it. All that said, I didn't ask YOU, so I apologize. I'll do what I can to make it up to you if you were annoyed by it.”

BAYC member, Josh Ong, who’s ape is used in the advertisement for the event echoed Goren’s apology to those who were annoyed.

“You may have received an airdrop from @AlonGorenfor his Blockchain & Booze show next week,” Ong Wrote. “Apologies if it was intrusive.”

Apes who did not like receiving the invite this way were happy that Goren and Ong apologized.

“yes it was intrusive, thanks for apologies,” NFApe tweeted. “You're among my big brain apes list, was really surprised you participate in spam action.”

While some apes believed an apology was needed, others seemed to like receiving the airdropped invite and look forward to the future of advertisement and promotions.

“It was one of the most awesome things ever,” Faisal Mirza tweeted. “It also draws picture of future, where invitations, advertisements and promotions will be delivered via nft.”

The bottom line is if you received an NFT recently from Blockchain and Booze, there is nothing to worry about, it was just an invite to an upcoming event.

Apes who do not want the item in their wallet can either hide the invite on Opensea or send it to this BAYC member.

“If anyone does not want theirs send it to me SeraStargirl.eth, BAYC member SeraStargirl tweeted. “I WOULD LIKE TO COLLECT THEM ALL.”

If you’re interested in attending the Blockchain and Booze event, be sure to head on over to Tuesday August 10 at 5 p.m. PST.

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Patrick Wagner

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