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VIBE CHECK:Yuga Labs Brought 40 LA Based Voyagers To Otherside Today.Here's What You Need To Know

The vibes appear to have been on point in California this evening as Yuga Labs brought a group on 40 Cali based Voyagers to the Otherside for a vibe check that included breaking on through to the Otherside and visiting a ‘sprawling tier five environment!’

Three weeks after Yuga Labs Founder Garga told Yuga’s Chief creative officer, Michael Figge, to meet him at the Otherside clubhouse, the company brought 40 LA based Voyagers together to visit the Otherside!

During today’s focus group, Yuga Labs showed off some never-before-seen concept art and invited the Voyagers to explore Otherside as their Apes!

“Shout out to the @yugalabs team for having some of the community out for a play test of ape avatars and the clubhouse island,” BAYC member Josh Ong tweeted along with a photo of himself from tonight’s test. “Fun times.”

Based on the videos that Yuga Labs shared, the tier five environment appears to be huge which means that Voyagers will have ample room to build to their hearts content!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, The Otherside is being built by Improbable atop their M2 technology which will power the interoperable metaverse!

“It’s essentially like an ecosystem that lets everybody profit,” Improbable’s Founder Herman Narula previously said when explaining what M2 is. “So, you can make a world like Sandbox and Decentraland, you can connect one in, you can create MML objects, and you can have them move from world to world. You can create and use experiences that have thousands of people in them at the same time. And none of these are going to be decisions that are only made my Improbable. So M2 stands apart from us and is kind of like an underlying telecoms network for the metaverse. And there will be economic incentives that will incentivize all of the large metaverses we are working with to create more interoperable.”

At this time, we do not know exactly when the Otherside will open, but we do know that the "persistent world" is coming this year.

“The persistent world will be coming in 2023,” Garga said in an interview with Punk6529 in October 2022. “There will be multiple experiences, many multiple experiences along the way, but the initial persistent world, where people will have full access to the initial customer experience will be in 2023.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about Voyagers trip to the Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

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1 comentário

Justin Yang
Justin Yang
28 de jul. de 2023

Extremely hype. The Gucci VFX looked really cool.

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