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'VIBES ONLY SER': This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Brought Early BAYC Vibes To The Swamp As He Wrote About Apes!

This longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member was rating Apes aesthesis and bringing some early BAYC vibes back to the swamp and timeline over the weekend!

Things were anything but boring on Sunday as BAYC member and hoodie Punk holder, GoodMonth.Eth, spent the day rating Apes and vibing with his frens around the swamp.

“Wow. My brother in ape. I’m in group chats rating aesthetics of apes for the first time in 2 years,” he tweeted. “Tell me it’s fake.”

Following GoodMonth’s tweet, many BAYC members took to the comment section asking him to rate their Apes and GoodMonth did not disappoint with his thoughtful and detailed replies!

“Rate me,” BAYC member Saclengua wrote along with an insane photo of his M2 Mutant.

“No words - that infected precum out your your eye,” GoodMonth wrote. “The ninja star you caught in your ear now has you feeling like MJ. The upper lip stiffer than @_PPMan_ himself. A type of suit that is tweed but really the foreskin of every child born to a waste management employee. No disrespect to the hustle. The drippy metallic teeth of some Loch Ness wrangler is weird af.”

As GoodMonth kept rating and writing about his fellow primates, the notable collector told the Gazette a bit about the process and the methodology behind his ratings.

“Vibes only ser," he explained. “And the fact that apes love to have their apes acknowledged with a little bit go truth and a lot of vibe.”

Take a look at some of the other Apes that GoodMonth rated and wrote about below:

Don Dr Aper


“Jaw looks like a cave. Waiting for a HV MTL to fly out of it. Faux hawk is up to the right bout to print a super Chad candle. BG much bright. Brown fur has great contrast. Superb ape.”

Javier Lovato

“Purple lining sleepy eyes + Purple BG is max bidding. Cross earring is just a cover up for the sins that bowler hat has committed. Noise gets lit up by the purple BG, possibly just adding texture and your ape is actually a ghost. Bowler hat fcks. Max bidding ape.”

Trippy Lasers

“Grey BG like the walls of your cellar ape. Your undead flesh that’s about to stand trial for being unequivocally based. The sleigh ride of a jaw you got for more years beyond thanks to the chain. Superb ape.”


Apes can check out all of GoodMonth’s ratings here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the early BAYC vibes around the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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