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Working Group Zero's Term Was Extended One Month By The ApeCoin Special Council. The Full Story Here

The ApeCoin Special Council has decided to extend Working Group Zero’s contract with the DAO by one month to give the group ample time to finish its mandate.

Earlier this week, WG0 Steward, RedVulkan took to the group’s Discord channel and announced that the Special Council has extended WG0’s term by a month.

“GM @everyone! As you may have heard, WG0 was originally slated to end on 3/31 but it has been extended one more month,” Vulkan wrote. “While the goal was to complete the entirety of our mandate by the end of this month, we’ve decided it’s prudent to take a few extra weeks to get this right. Below is the order we plan to present each of the proposals. As part of our mandate, we have been working on suggested improvements to the proposal process laid out in AIP-1 but believe it’s beneficial to allow the Governance Working Group to take this over as one of its first initiatives.”

Following this post, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Special Council Member Gerry to find out more about this extension.

“I think it was a wise move for the Stewards to recognize that they needed a little extra time to put their best work forward,” Gerry told the Gazette. “They were correct about their initial timeline but could not anticipate the amount of time it would take to on board a new administrator. The Special Council agreed that they should have adequate time to complete their mandate and ultimately approved their request.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, WG0 was established in AIP-196 titled "BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization,” earlier this year.

This AIP gave the group a four part mandate to 1. Find and transition tasks that do not require a Cayman Island Administrator to the community, 2. Run a Request for Proposal Process to find a new DAO Administrator after the community rejected the Cartan Group’s extension, 3. Propose changes to AIP-1 and 4. Propose a possible Working Group structure for the DAO going forward.

“Items 2 and part of 1 are complete," Red Vulkan told the Gazette. “We are currently working on item 4 and the remaining piece of item 1. We have developed initial recommendations for item 3 but believe it's beneficial to have the Governance Working Group continue those discussions as one of their first Initiatives.”

$Ape holders who are interested in getting involved with Working Group Zero and making their mark on the DAO’s structure going forward can join the WG0 community on Discord here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow WG0 and will keep you posted on the group’s upcoming Ape Improvement Proposals. Stay tuned for updates!

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