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Wreck League Debuts Tomorrow & To celebrate, Animoca Brands Is Hosting A Tournament With 17K prizes!

Wreck Leaguers, get ready to rumble because the highly anticipated player-vs.-player fighting game is launching tomorrow, and to celebrate, Animoca Brands is hosting a major contest with thousands of prizes up for grabs!

The Wreck League battle begins this Thursday, and to kick off the game with a bang, Animoca Brands is giving away 17,000 rewards, ranging from a common Mech part to ownership of a Wreck League arena where the winner will be able to host future events and matches, during its two-week tournament dubbed ‘Mez'i’s Mayhem'!

“Starting on September 14th at 11AM PT, you'll be able to play Wreck League, compete for points, and place on the leaderboard to earn amazing prizes,” the game tweeted last night.

While the Wreck League arena will be open for battle all the time, players will only be able to score points for ‘Mez’I’s Mayhem during one of the tournament three daily active windows.

“While you can freely engage in practice mode with your mech at any time, competing for points against other owners is confined to these designated time windows,” Wreck League wrote on its Medium. “This approach was put in place to avoid situations where players struggle to find suitable opponents for matchmaking at odd hours.”

The scoring in Wreck League’s ‘Mez’I’s Mayhem is simple. If a player wins a match during one of the game's three daily ‘active windows,’ they earn a point. If a player loses a match during one of the game's three daily ‘active windows,’ they will lose a point. When the tournament ends on September 28th, Wreck League will add up players' points and rank them from first to last!

“Ranking: Determined by points earned in PvP matches,” Wreck League stated. “The more points you earn, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of tomorrow’s Wreck League launch and will keep you posted on ‘Mez’I’s Mayhem. Stay tuned for updates!

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