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X Marketplace Updated Its Website And Teased Some "Sick Shit" Being Announced Later This Week

Community created NFT marketplace, X Marketplace, recently updated its User interface and plans to announce some “sick shit” later this week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Bradley Zastrow and his team are continuing to build and burn $Ape at X Marketplace and they’re just getting started.

Recently, the marketplace took to Twitter and announced that it had made major changes to its desktop and mobile user experiences based on community feedback.

“We heard you," X Marketpalce tweeted last week. “You gave feedback on how to improve our UX Make it easier to use especially on mobile Polish the pieces & make it cleaner. We did just that Introducing our revised X MP front end! From buying with fewer hops, to improving how offers/listings are managed: We've updated both our desktop + mobile sites And we're only getting started. Soon we'll be making it even easier to spend your @apecoin ! We can't wait to show you soon what else we've been working on LFG!”

Following X Marketplace’s post, Zastrow messaged the Gazette and said that he and his team have some more announcements coming up later this week. “We have some sick shit we’re launching this week,” Zastrow said. “I’ll keep you informed!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, in September, 2022, Zastrow’s X Marketplace, a platform where 100% of marketplace fees in $APE sales are burned and 50% of marketplace fees for all other sales are burned, was one of three different ApeCoin-centric marketplace proposals that the DAO was voting on.

At the time, the community rejected Zastrow’s AIP and decided to go with Snag Solutions’ proposal instead.

After the DAO rejected Zastrow’s proposal, the X Marketplace founder continued to build and X Marketplace has now done over $1 million USD in sales volume since!

You can find out more about X Marketplace and check out the platform here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow X Marketplace and will let you know what “sick shit” they launch later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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