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Yat Siu Ís Representing The Mocaverse In This Weekend's Wreck League Founders Cup!

Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu's Mech is constructed, and he is ready to represent the Mocaverse community in the Wreck League's Founders Cup Tournament this weekend!

Before the Wreck League game opens for the battle next week, Animoca Brands and nWayPlay are hosting a Founders Cup Tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the Web3 space!

On September 9th, eight Web3 Founders will enter the Wreck League Area and compete in a single elimination tournament in an effort to win their communities a bunch of Majestic and Booster Boxes!

One of the eight founders competing this weekend is Animoca Brands Chairman and former ApeCoin Special Council member, Yat Siu, who will be representing the Mocaverse community in battle!

“Yat’s Mech boasts formidable offensive capabilities, thanks in large part to its Sawlance Weapon Arm – a Legendary Psycrane component,” Wreck League wrote. “This extraordinary arm equips Yat’s Mech with a range of incredibly devastating skills, super, and ultimate, enabling the unleashing of remarkable combos. However, the Mech is weaker in terms of defensive attributes, including armor and block proficiency. The Mech has outstanding overall performance stats, such as maximum energy, energy regen, block regen, and super gain. Yat’s Mech is comprised of 3 Koda - Legendary parts, 6 Legendary parts, and 1 Epic (S-Bot) part.”

Leading up to this weekend’s fight, Siu told the Gazette that he’s excited to compete in the tournament and that he plans to take a cautious approach in battle.

“It's all in good fun but I obviously feel some pressure here representing the Mocaverse community, he said. “The plan will probably be to observe with some caution, assess the opponent before I go into the offensive but in the end we will all be there just to have some good fun!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wreck League and will keep you posted on this weekend’s Founders Cup Tournament. Stay tuned for updates!

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